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Did you know that the simple act of reading and talking to your baby every day starting at birth is not only fun, but could be the most important investment you can make in your child's educational future?
Babies and toddlers who hear the most talk per hour from parents before the age of two become high achieving, successful readers in school.
You may be asking, what's the connection between hearing a lot of words and future reading ability?
Good listening vocabulary comprehension determines future reading comprehension, the most important skill of advanced reading ability.
Why is reading in addition to talking so important?
Children's books are filled with unusual words that we might not use in regular conversation. Studies show that children's books contain three times more unusual words than the everyday conversation between parent and child. Children learn more words when they are read to every day, and a good vocabulary leads to good reading skills.
When you read to your baby you also talk more; your baby will hear more words than if you don't read. Baby Read-Alouds stimulate lots of talk (using "parentese"), addressed to your baby.
Reading aloud to babies does not teach them how to read. Read- alouds give babies the language, the most important building block for future reading success.
Your baby also benefits from the bonding that takes place when you read-aloud. Your baby loves and depends on the sound of your voice and will respond with sheer delight every time you read aloud.
Could you imagine that something so enjoyable for both you and your baby also results in so many future educational benefits?
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