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Baby Book Reviews
Great Baby Shower Gifts Books for Each of the 6 Stages
By reading Baby Read-Aloud Basics with the baby books we have personally reviewed, you'll help enhance a baby's language and future literacy skills. Baby Read-Aloud Basics is a gift that promotes a lifetime of benefits!
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NEW New Baby Book Reviews
Look for NEW reviews on this website that we didn't include in our book. Parents often bring to our attention wonderful books that you'll want to
share with your baby.
Everywhere Babies Everywhere Babies
Author: Susan Meyers, Illustrated by Marla Frazee
Board Book
Harcourt, 28 pages, 2001
Reviewed by Caroline Blakemore
The humorous, down to earth illustrations depicting babies in all sorts of positions and everyday situations make this irresistible book one of my favorites. It shows all different sizes and colors of swaddled newborns; babies being kissed from their cheeks to their toes, being dressed, fed, rocked, carried, and so on.

Barnyard Dance Barnyard Dance
Author: Sandra Boynton
Board Book
Workman Publishing, 20 pages, 1993
If the illustrations in this book look familiar, it is because you may have received a greeting card by Sandra Boynton. This particular Boynton book came to our attention during one of our visits to the bookstore. We saw an eighteen-month baby girl dancing along as her mother chanted the book. This parent and others have told us that the Boynton books are some of their toddlers' favorites.

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