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Useful Websites
Useful Websites Related to Baby Read-Alouds
Zero To Three
This site is the most extensive resource for parents and researchers interested in all aspects of the development of children from birth to three. Topics such as brain and literacy development are given an in depth treatment. Research articles and brochures can be downloaded. Spanish resources are also included. Of particular interest to us is the link, Getting Ready for School Begins at Birth. The Early Literacy and Brain Wonders link gives you all the information you need on how literacy begins at birth in relation to the developing brain.
Beginning With Books, Center for Early Literacy
This organization coaches parents, grandparent, and caregivers about the value of reading to babies and preschoolers, especially those at greatest risk. Beginning With Books connects hundreds of volunteers and children for on-on-one read-alouds. Check out their Best Books for Babies link.
Keep up with some of the latest issues and research regarding your baby's literacy development. A dad's look at baby and toddler stuff from birth to Kindergarten

This wonderful blog was brought to our attention by the writer, A.J., when he emailed us some good ideas about our website. With the exception of the starred review by the Libraray Journal, A.J. gave our book the most complete and well written review yet:
A.J. Is a writer and photographer who shares parenting duties with his wife, a nurse. Parents will relate to this fun, humorous, intelligent site Ė with so many tips. Iíll bet many fans of this site donít even have children. Itís that fun to check out! Thingamababy was praised by Parents Magazine as a "go-to site site for inspiration, fun and dead-on parent-to-parent advice."
Trelease on Reading
Jim Trelease is the original read-aloud guru. We love Jim Trelease. He has done more for literacy progress than any other individual. His wonderful book, The Read-Aloud Handbook, has sold over two million copies, and is in its fifth updated edition, published in 2001. You can see what will be in his 2006 edition by checking this comprehensive website full of useful information related to literacy. You'll also find lists of children's books plus research on topics such as TV and its effect on reading.
Reach Out and Read
A non-profit literacy organization affiliated with Boston University School of Medicine, Reach Out and Read promotes early literacy though pediatricians informing new parents about the importance of reading to their babies. Doctors give new books to children at each well child visit from six months to five years. Doctors give parents developmentally appropriate instructions on how to read to their babies.
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